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Legal Disclaimer: Muscle Car Motors,LLC purchases its inventory from private individuals,licensed dealers and from auctions. We can not and do not guarantee 100% authenticity. We do not guarantee that the engine,or any other part or component,is in fact original,or that it is in fact original,or that it is correct  for that vechicle. We will guarantee that all information,provided by us, regarding VIN numbers, engine-casting nunbers,tags,engine stamping,transmission codes and their numbers are those actually in the vechicle. Muscle Car Motors,LLC to the best of our abilities,presents all vechicles meets their expectations. Seller assumes no responsibility or liability for any typograptical errors that may befound in our advertising. Seller does nor guarantee mileage on all vechicals ten (10) years old or older. These cars are sold mileage exempt. The buyer acknowledges, that it is their sole responsibility to examine the vechicle prior to delivery. In the event the buyer fails to examine the vechicle,the buyer accepts responsibility for all defects known and unknow by the seller at the time of sale.